We don't do just business

We will provide superior quality products which improves and protects the health of the feet of our customers. We are the innovator and driving the industry. We are the preferred business partner for our customers. Our collection is regularly updated due to new technological developments, new materials and the wishes of our customers.

what makes us different

Honest Footwear was established in august 2013, with a global vision to create an impact by touching people's lives and to motivate the extreme productivity in footwear business arena. We focus on providing high quality footwear, customized as per your needs and made to your specifications for a truly unique experience. It would be quite special if the footwear were expertly hand crafted from the finest materials and the highest quality of workmanship.
We always care and study the usages of the raw materials with the proper ratios and we can concentrate the frequent changes in the taste of our consumers as well as fashion, style, quality, and low cost etc..
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if you have anything to say about our products, don't hesitate to contact us. Let us know what you think of us. We will reach you back as soon as possible since we get your message
our philosophy


We make our products affordable for ordinary people. We aim to make our clients happy in quality and worth.


Our values are based on simple fact that art with finesse bears witness to the quality we produce. The best in the world footwear that are made with love and care are made at Honest for we believe that the way you treat yourself is shown by what you adorn.

Our Philosophy

we always have been there for those who wants a fair deal with the products they buy. We work for our customers. We are so fond of things that makes our customers happy.

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